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Digital Formula – Can You Make Money With It?

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First of all, let me congratulate you for taking the time to do your own research about Digital Formula. There are a lot of fake products out there, and you have the right to investigate what is legit and what isn’t.

Here is one more product that claims it will make you a profit by trading cryptocurrency.  Let’s see if this software is legit or is Digital Formula just another attempt of scam.

Overview And Ranking

  • Name: Digital Formula
  • Owner: Neil Carter
  • Website URL:
  • Price: $17 + upsells
  • Recommendation: No

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What Is Digital Formula

The sales page of Digital Formula is not different than any other “get rich quick” scheme I have reviewed so far: Crypto Genius, Bitcoin Code, 1G Profit System.

The Digital Formula should be a system that discovered a loophole in the cryptocurrency system, which has allowed Nail Carter to trade and make thousands of dollars every day. How exactly, he doesn’t say. All he tells us is that he can buy and sell cryptocurrency profitably with this loophole.

According to the video, all you have to do is join the system, activate your account at Digital Formula and follow their methods to start earning big time: $2,254 in the next 24 hours and every single day.

Digital Formula

This system is advertised like something straightforward for everyone to start making money because it doesn’t require any special skills or training to use it. Allegedly, 25 people have made $15,778 in the past seven days, all thanks to this Digital Formula system.

Digital FormulaNeil, the alleged owner of the Digital Formula, is convincing the audience that this is different than any other product you have ever seen or that is created by scammers. But, I don’t see any difference if he uses the same method as other scammers.

In the video, Neil gives examples of how cryptocurrency has increased in profit in 2017 and says if you had bought it, today you would be a millionaire.

And that is true, no arguing there. However, the problem with this is that all of the statement was made for the past. And suggesting that Digital Formula works by giving facts from the past is ridicules.

If you use to buy and hold strategy, most of the time you will make money. You just need to be patient enough. But you can do that without buying the Digital Formula product.

How Does It Work

The Digital Formula should be exploiting a cryptocurrency marketplace with a new system that is legal and ethical. Well, only this statement seems unreasonable. How can exploiting something to your advantage be ethical? Not to mention legal!

All the time, Neil is telling how you have potential to massive, life-changing profit if you had invested in crypto at the beginning. Well, that is nothing new. Everyone knows that.

Anyway, what you will be getting from the initial $17 purchase is five links that will explain a cryptocurrency in details. There are:

  1. Crypto Portfolio Tracking & Latest Info – Basic informations about the latest prices and changes in the last 24 hours. FYI, you can check that for free at the CoinMarketCap.
  2. Crypto Calendar & Events – This one is used to monitor any future updates about cryptocurrency and possible direction of rising or downfall prices.
  3. Blockonomi – Here you can learn all about cryptocurrency and the blockchain economy.
  4. Cointelegraph – A blog about cryptocurrency.
  5. Crypto Coins Telegram Group – Private Telegram group.

Digital Formula

Other then that, you will also get:

  • Digital Formula Main Guide –  26 pages overview of cryptocurrency which covers the basic stuff about it.
  • Bonus: Bitcoin Profits – Explains what is Bitcoin, everything you need to know about mining, how to store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, etc. I have covered most of this stuff in two of my articles. If you want to know more about cryptocurrency you can read all about cryptocurrency. Or if you want to know more about trading cryptocurrency, you can check it out here.

Not sure why would anyone want to pay for $17 if you can find it all for free on the internet?

The Owner

Neil Carter, the alleged owner of Digital Formula. There are several Neil Carter’s on the internet, but none of them are related to the Digital Formula. And for someone who claims to make thousands of dollars every single day, it is unusual to stay unknown.

Why didn’t he show himself and build trust with his audience? That is what a legitimate person would do. Experts in the crypto world have social media accounts and are usually active on them. But Neil doesn’t provide any information about himself or a way to contact him.

The most likely option is that Neil Carter is a fake name used to promote Digital Formula. Products similar to this are usually promoted under the pseudonym so that the real owner of the product stays unknown to protect his reputation.


People in the video are actors that are paid to read what they have been given. What they say is not their experience. I was able to find a few of them, so here are the pictures of them from the video and their profile on Fiverr.

Digital Formula

Digital Formula

Pros And Cons

Unlike other scam offers where there aren’t any pros, this one does offer few, but, in my opinion, cons heavily outweigh the pros.


  • Low cost – with only $17 as initial purchase it is not high risk.
  • Money back guarantees – since it is a ClickBank product, you have the option for 30 days money back.
  • Potential to make money – if you know what you are doing. If not, you will most likely lose your investment. On the other hand, if you do know what you are doing, you probably wouldn’t even consider this product.


  • False scarcity – only a few copies left; if people make money, they will take the offer down.
  • Paid actors – ever offer or a product that has paid actors in it should be considered suspicious. Why would you need to pay someone to give you a good review if your product does work?
  • More money to invest – you will need a hell lot more money than $17 to invest in buying BTC and to start trading other cryptocurrencies.
  • Risky – trading crypto is highly risky due to their volatile nature.
  • Difficult to understand – if you are entirely new to cryptocurrency, then most likely you will have a bit of trouble understanding it all.
  • Unrealistic income – it is not reasonable to expect this kind of high profit from such a small investment.
  • Upsells – There are two upsells after you paid $17. First one cost $197 and contains Digital Airdrop Package and second is $147 and includes Digital Academy Package (whatever there is in it).

Conclusion And My Final Verdict

Is Digital Profit scam? Since you are getting something, I can’t call it a scam. You will get some PDF about cryptocurrency and general stuff, but you won’t get anything special that will get you over $2,000 on your first day or that you can’t find on the internet for free.

There is no secret formula from which you can make thousands of dollars quickly. There is no system in this world that you can use to gain such amount of money with little or no effort. It is not as simple as Neil says. There is a lot to learn before you start to make any money, not to mention that you will have to invest money just to get started.

Some people may call it a scam if you consider fake promises stated in the video since this product will not help you to make $2,000 a day, while others won’t find it a scam since you are getting something. 

Trading cryptocurrency is not easy and comes with high risk. Expecting such high profits per day with such little investment is not realistic and can be considered as a lie.

If you want to learn how to trade cryptocurrency, you need to learn the basics, learn to read the charts, follow the advice from experienced people, and build on that. There is no easier way.

If you are determined to make money online, let me introduce you to a platform that I love to use. It is free to use (yes, no credit card or money up front for starter members) and have great training videos that will guide you step by step toward making money online.

You can learn about it here.

If you have any questions about Digital Formula or would like to request a review, feel free to write a comment and I will be happy to reply to you!

Until the next time, I wish you all the best!


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  1. Hello Dalibor! Many thanks for this very interesting post. It is very clear, you obviously know what you are talking about. Thank you for such a thorough research. Purdey

  2. Hi Dalibor, Thanks for your informative post on cryptocurrency. I find it very helpful considering how these scammers are playing their games. I hope it will be much better to check with your posts before indulging in any cryptocurrency investment.

    • Hello Timeo,
      Thank you for your reply. I am glad you find my post helpful.

      If you will have any questions about cryptocurrency or trading, or anything else, please do feel free to ask and I will help you how ever I can.



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