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Vid Chomper – YouTube Video Maker

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Traffic is money, and content is king. You probably have heard this saying already. As the competition in the online world getting tougher, people are trying to find shortcuts to gain maximum with minimum effort. An excellent way to drive that juicy traffic to your site is through YouTube.

Vid Chomper should solve the problem and give instant traffic to your YouTube channel. Here I will make a review for this software and give my honest opinion about it.


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What Is Vid Chomper

Vid Chomper is a cloud-based technology that creates videos for you. You take other people work (videos), trim it, and show it as yours. Process of “creating” your videos, as Brendan explain, is simple:

  1. Insert a niche keyword.
  2. Choose several different videos and edit them.
  3. Publish “your” work and monetize it

Vid Chomper

So you search for videos using the desired keyword. After you choose which ones you want to edit, you then trim them, put a call to action for the particular product inside of your work and you publish it.

You will have to apply to an affiliate network to promote the desired product which you will promote with your videos.

As their landing page says, the whole process should be done in 60 seconds, which I highly doubt is possible. Only trimming videos should take you more time than that.

Your work is saved inside the tab “my videos.” But, there is one problem. The videos that are older than 30 days will be removed. Which means, after 30 days, your “hard work” will be removed.

Vid Chomper

And even though Brendan clearly states you can create an UNLIMITED amount of videos, that is not true, because when you buy the Vid Chomper software, you can create ONLY 20 videos per month. If you want to create more, you have to *drum roll*, buy one of the FIVE upsells! Surprise, surprise…

Brendan Mace and Jono AmstrongThis is not the first product of Brendan Mace and Jono Amstrong. I already made a review of Octane and Incognito Software. And if you look at them, you will see that the Vid Chomper is almost the same product. 

Fun Fact: In Incognito software Brendan says: there is no guarantee that doing video marketing will make you any money.

So why does he create software that relies solely on making video marketing?

The Vid Chomper should be beginner-friendly, but I come across a few people that say they had a problem with implementing the API key, and that is something that not everyone knows how to do it. So if you are a beginner in this and have no clue what the API key is, prepare to encounter possible difficulties.

With the software, you will have a few training videos which will cover how to use the software, walkthrough, how to do the keyword research for finding the videos, how to monetize videos, etc.

Legal Stealing

Vid Chomper

Using other people work as your own is prohibited, and Google, who ones YouTube, will sooner or later ban your channel. But Vid chomper lets you use Creative Commons to avoid that rule.

How would you feel if you invest your time into making quality video and someone steals it? Would you be happy about it? Would you encourage others to do that?

True, creative commons let you use other people work as your own, but you have to be very careful with it.

Depending on the license from creative commons, in most cases, you:

  • MUST give appropriate credit to the owner stating this is not your original work and you took someone else’s work,
  • MUST provide link to original work,
  • MUST write which changes you made,
  • CAN’T use it for commercial purpose, meaning no-no to affiliate links, which is the essence of making money with Vid Chomper,
  • CAN’T distribute what you made, which means you shouldn’t upload it to YouTube.

Vid Chomper

I have explained this already in my Octane review already in details. You can check it out if you want more information about creative commons license.

So if you know all this, and you still want to use Vid Chomper, it means you are trying to avoid the rules, or at least try to exploit the holes in the system. But guess what will happen when Google start eliminating duplicate content?

All your “work” will vanish, and you will lose all your money invested in this software. Wouldn’t be better to start fair from the start and build your way how Google wants? That way, you could reap the benefits of SEO and build your reputation.

Since I mentioned reputation, Vid Chomper brags how you will be anonymous. How would that benefit your reputation? Would you buy something from a person you don’t know and who hides his identity? How would you trust someone if you don’t know who he is? That is not good for branding and building a successful business

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The product costs $25.95. However, that is only for 20 videos per month. There is a total of five upsells or upgrades available, so the cost for the FINAL products goes up to whopping $980.95. Not so cheap, right?

  1. Pro version ($67) – Includes unlimited videos, unlimited rendering. You get everything from the main version but with unlimited publishing. As I mentioned before, without the pro version, you are limited to 20 videos per month.
  2. Big chomp ($197) – Brendan Mace’s course on how to land high ticket commissions and a license to promote his high ticket course. Pay per action is at 50% commission here.
  3. Unlimited video views ($197) – Just as the name suggests, this will set you up with unlimited views. This will allow you to put your pixels on their sales pages.
  4. Max bundle ($397) – Every product that was released online, you will get with this bundle. Group coaching included.
  5. License ($97) – Rights to sell Vid Chomper as your own product and earn 100% commissions.

Pros And Cons

Not many pros I could find, but I will add them anyway, as I believe in fair and honest opinion.


  • Time – Save you time for making videos. It is much easier to steal someone else work and make it your own than to create one by yourself.
  • Incognito – Good product if you want to make videos easily and you don’t want to brand yourself or show your face on camera.


  • Branding – You are not branding yourself because you are stealing other people work as your own.
  • Lots of upsells – Minimal options with just the main product. Total of five upsells are just too much, and just like other Brendan products, this one is no different.
  • Shady business – Using this product can’t be considered ethical.
  • Same as Octane – Vid Chomper is almost the exact same product as the Octane.
  • Income – I am not an expert, but I for sure know you won’t be making money right away, and who knows will you ever make money even to return your investment.
  • The pressure to join right away – It took me two days to do this review and to gather everything. On the first and second day, the timer was counting down, showing limited time to buy the product. It annoys me when they make false scarcity like that.
  • Incognito – Not showing your face while you promote a product is not good for business. Go from your point of view: would you buy a product from someone that you don’t know or trust? And how can you trust someone who hides his identity?
  • Short videos – Brendan says it is enough to make 30 to 60 seconds video, but I do know Google doesn’t like this and find this kind of material as low quality and WILL NOT rank you well enough with it. Even their own videos are 3 minutes long. Go look at YouTube and see how long are the videos that have the most views.

Conclusion And My Final Verdict

Since you are getting a product, I can’t say this is a scam. But I WOULDN’T recommend buying it. There are much better ways to start your business and gain traffic to your YouTube channel or website.

One of my favorite ways is Wealthy Affiliate platform. You can learn a lot about marketing and how to set up your business, in whatever niche you want. And the best of all, it is free to use (yes, no credit card or money upfront for starter members) and have great training videos that will guide you step by step toward making money online.

You can read my review here.

If you have any questions about Vid Chomper or you would like to request a review, feel free to write a comment, and I will be happy to reply to you!

Until the next time, I wish you all the best!


4 thoughts on “Vid Chomper – YouTube Video Maker”

  1. Excellent review you have done on vid chomper and to be honest, these are some nice discoveries. Thankfully I did a research before making a subscription to them. This vid-chomper idea is really shady and it involves taking advantage of other’s work which is very bad. Actually, a lot of risk is attached to this and I wouldn’t want to get involved in any shady deal especially with potential infringement on plagiarism. Also, the upsells are kind of much and I am not ready for such. Thanks

    • Hello Tracy,
      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, there is a lot of risks involved with this product. The worst thing that can happen is all your videos taken down eventually when Google decided to take actions against such things. It is always best way to play according to the rules and build your way up how Google wants.

      Kind regards,

  2. Its the very first time I’m hearing of video chomper. Before I started off as an affiliate marketer I heard a person talk about making money on YouTube without making videos. It might have been this programme being used. I personally wouldn’t want to put in time and hardwork doing something and someone else steals it from me. I too cannot recommend this to friends. Good review, it’s a eye opener here. Nice one!

    • Hello Henderson,
      Thank you for your comment.

      That could probably be it. Or some similar product. Many people are just looking for shortcuts for fast success, but then they just run into a scam or low-quality product offer and they are let disappointed.


  3. I’d not heard of Vid Chomper before and “shady” seems to be the word for it. Even if it’s just about legal, that doesn’t make it a legitimate or moral way to go about doing things and surely, sooner or later, Google are going to clamp down on it and, as you say, “your” work will disappear. Yes, I am sick of scams but they seem to be an embedded feature of the internet and it’s just a good thing that there are sites like yours that are publishing honest reviews like this one. Well done you!


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