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It is not a coincidence that YouTube is probably the most popular platform for bloggers to promote. And anybody who is considering to reach a wider audience should be considering making a YouTube place to upload a video on.

However, creating a solid video can be time-consuming, and some people are not comfortable going in front of the camera. And even once you actually made a good video, it just doesn’t get any ranking. So now what?

Octane software claims it will help you in your YouTube video marketing in three simple steps. You already know it isn’t always as it seems, so let’s dig under the surface and see what is Octane all about.

Facts About Octane

  • Product Name: Octane
  • URL: http://www.buyoctane.com/octane26561433
  • Founder: Victory Akpomedaye, Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace
  • Used For: Creating YouTube videos using other people work
  • Price: Free, $37, $97, $197
  • Recommendation: Depends on your morality

A team of three people founded Octane, and this is not their first project. Victory already has one successful project behind his back, VidZio.

However, Jono and Brendan are different stories. These two guys already released several products, each time claiming that very same product is going to be THE ONE.

Products like Fuego Breakout, Bang Bang Profits and From Zero to $100 in 24 hours. All three of them supposed to be deal breakers and the only product you will ever need to make money online that you so desperately need.

Octane, all in one cloud base solution that should help “ordinary” people in their YouTube marketing. Allegedly it is making people millionaires every single day (RIGHT).

Jono, a guy from the intro video, tells that Octane use a 3 step system.

  1. Choose Video – There is no need to create your own video. You can use legally (we will get to that point later) existing content from creative commons.
  2. Editing Proces – Here you choose a section or multiple sections of video you want to use and Octane then will blend it into one. Once done, you can select to add background music or add your own voice.
  3. Going Live – This is where “magic” should happen. Ranking videos is not easy, because usually, people don’t have an authority website, so they don’t rank their videos high in search results. But with stream option that Octane have, you will be able to stream your videos directly to YouTube. Streaming videos does help you get better rankings, that is for sure.

Breaking It Down

Now I will shortly describe what is happening once you log into Octane Dashboard. First, you need a Google Project API code and a YouTube account that is enabled for live streams. To get the Google API code requires a lot of steps, but luckily, there is a tutorial with pictures.

The process itself is simple: you select a video (or more of them) that you will, well, steal and use it as yours. Then define the length of the video by seconds, add text, music, and voice, and add outro at ending. The outro is very important because otherwise, the video will appear as a duplicate.

After you have done tunning “your” work, it is time to save the project and then publish it as live stream.

The Octane does contain some upsells (which I really don’t like in general). In the basic, free version, you can post only 15 videos per month. Besides the basic version, there are four OTOs involved:

  1. OTO1 Octane Pro – a one-time payment of $37. With Octane Pro, you can post unlimited videos.
  2. OTO2 Limitless Traffic – a one-time payment of $197. With this package, all the people who sign up for a product will be added to your mailing list.
  3. OTO3 $1000 Commission Solution – a one time payment $197. In this version, you will be allowed to use their video ads, and you are offered $1000 commission hight ticket product. This is what you could call finished product ready to use while you focus on getting traffic and sales.
  4. OTO4 Resale Rights – a one-time payment $97. This will give you the license to resell the Octane software. Without it, you can’t resell it (make a profit from promoting it).

In my opinion, 15 videos per month are not much. If you want to see real results, you definitely need to publish more than 15 videos per month. Word of caution, though: live streams should not be posted more than once every 24 hours.

A minimum length of live stream video can’t be less than 60 seconds. I have read several people complaining their 15-minute videos could not be processed, so they had to cut it down to 10 minutes.

Octane Illegal

In short, with Octane, you can steal videos ethically (I don’t even understand how can stealing be ethical), change them a bit, add your own affiliate links, some text and voice if you want, post this as a new and live stream on YouTube.

The Twist And Everything Wrong

Here is the problem: YouTube made a statement that they are actively searching on duplicate content and taking down channels that have them. And if you know that and still using this software, what are you doing? You are avoiding the rules.

When someone is avoiding the rules, sooner or later he will get caught, and in YouTube world, being caught means you get banned. I don’t know how long will it takes before YouTube will spot duplicate content. For some sooner, for some later. But the point is, I wouldn’t be gambling with YouTube and trying to avoid the rules.

Since Google owns YouTube, and they will find a way to separate these kinds of videos, just like they have done with the search engines. And when you think of it, do you want to watch a bunch of duplicate videos with a different intro and outro?

Jono also said you could create as much as you like: the more you create, the more money you can get. But this is not true. You can create only 15 videos per month. For anything more, you will have to buy OTO1. If you want to resell it, you have to buy OTO4, and if you’re going to keep your customers who purchased from your affiliate link, you will have to buy OTO2.

So that is $27,97 for basic product, $37 for OTO1, $197 for OTO2 and $97 for OTO4, in total: $358,97. I remind you that you don’t HAVE to buy these additionals packages, but if you plan to make what Jono was promising, you will have to.

Now let’s talk about this “legal stealing.” Jono mentioned free use of Creative Commons. Yes, some pictures and videos can be used freely. However, when it comes to videos, this is rarely the case. And I will show you an example. It took me less than two minutes to find this example.

I visited the Creative Commons page and looked for a video. This one is listed as FREE TO USE.

creative commons

After I went to the video destination and look for video details (MORE), I found three little icons.

creative commons

Here is the exciting part: at the Creative Commons site, there is an explanation of these icons. I bet you will be surprised.

creative commons licence

So what it means you MUST say this is not your work and you took someone else’s work, you MUST give link to original work, you MUST write which changes were made, you CAN’T use it for commercial purpose (so you can’t put affiliate links), and, sugar at the end, you CAN’T distribute what you made, which means, you can’t publish it on YouTube.

Oh no! It seems it is NOT as Jono was claiming it is! Let’s continue exposing further.

One part that really annoys me is the link for the Octane website. If you try and go to the http://www.buyoctane.com, you will see this image. To me, it looks unprofessional. I mean, at least get your address right! octane homepage

Next on my list is dime sale. Dime sale is a sale in which the price of the product increases with the number of purchases made. So the earlier you buy, the better the deal you get. Launch of the Octane was 23rd of February, 2019. And the price at that time was $27,95.

Today is the 1st of June, 2019. After more than three months, price is $27,97. Two whole cents higher! What does it mean? Well, only two things come to my mind:

  1. Nobody bought the product in three months.
  2. They are laying and trying to attract visitors.

They also create so call urgency to make you buy the product before the times run out and you don’t get cut off from bonuses that you would get.

Octane time

Well, I waited till the time runs out, and guess what happened? NOTHING. Time reset and starts the countdown again. Here are the pictures.

Octane time run outOctane time reset

Pay close attention to the time at the bottom right side. No, I don’t like when someone is using this manipulating tricks to try and sell their product!

The Cons and The Pros


  • No need to produce your own videos
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • For little money you can start stealing, oh, I am sorry, making 15 videos per month


  • You need OTO1 up-sale for unlimited use
  • You need other OTOs if you want the full potential
  • Using such a product can’t be considered ethical, not to mention legal
  • It will get you in trouble with YouTube regulations sooner or later

If you think is Octane for me, I will tell you only this: Octane is a solution for people who are too lazy to put their time and effort to create their own videos. It is an excellent solution if:

  • You are lazy
  • You lack creativity
  • You don’t want to work
  • You don’t mind to steal from someone.


Is it possible to rank videos with Octane? Yes, it is, so there is some money to be made. However, it is not always easy to rank because you are stealing videos that are already published. So the result may vary as not every video will rank well and make you commissions with the affiliate link. You will have to create lots and lots of videos for that.

And when you think of it, one quality video can replace multiple of those fake ones. By creating your own reviews, you will gain more trust. How do you think your viewers would react when they find out you were stealing other people work? And how will they react when they see your channel banned?

So is Octane a fake? No, it isn’t. It is a legit product and can be used. But there is a lot of hype around Octane, and you must know you can’t go far by copying others work.

I never trust shortcuts. Shortcuts will get you nowhere. If you ask me, the best strategy is to create your own original and valuable content. That is how you gain and build trust, and that is how you establish a lucrative business.

How I Make Money

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