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Bulletproof Profit System – Secret Goldmine

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How does $2,000 per days sounds? $14,000 per week? $60,000 per month? That is what Bulletproof Profit promises. So can you really make that kind of money with this product? Well, look no more!

Read my review and find out should you invest your time and money into this product! You will find out what is Bulletproof Profit and how does this system works.

Overview And Ranking

  • Name: Bulletproof Profits
  • Owner: Justin Tyler
  • Website URL: https://yourbulletproofprofits.com
  • Price: $9 (plus upsells)
  • Recommendation: No

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What Is Bulletproof Profits

The bulletproof Profit system is advertised as a “secret online goldmine”, money-making loophole that no one else seen before with which you can earn up to $2,000 per day. Just by watching their video you are going to get cash into your bank account.

According to the video, once you activate the first few steps, the system will take it over and work for you whether you are working or not. And you can achieve that even if you are completely computer illiterate.

Bulletproof ProfitThis secret online goldmine has nothing to do with bitcoin or pyramid scheme and 85,000 people are already leveraging on this little-known online goldmine.

The secret online goldmine that the narrator keeps talking about is Amazon FBA. In fact, it is so secret, that you can search it at Google with over 44 million search results. So much for a big secret.

Amazon FBA

The owner of this system is some guy Justin Tyler. Justin starts to tell his story, how he stumbles upon this “secret money making loophole online goldmine”. He was an employer in a small IT firm, working regular 9 to 5 job. He tried many different ways to earn money online but nothing worked (He tried the wrong ones and not THE RIGHT ONE).

One day he was fired from his work, and on the same day (how convenient) his wife called him saying she was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer.

-“I will work hard and earn enough money to save you!” – Justin replied.

Now, let me point out I am not a doctor or expert in treating any sort of cancer, and I definitely do not wish anyone to go through any similar situation. But his answer was merely said to play for your emotions!

Treatment for stage 3 lung cancer are:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation
  • Surgery

Depending on which progression the cancer is, the survival rate does not depend on money. The survival rate depends on your age, sex, location of the tumor, the molecular profile of the tumor, general health at the time of diagnosis, and how well you respond to the treatments you receive.

Moving on. After everything, he called his best friend Alex for a drink and explain the situation to him. Then, Alex told him about this secret goldmine and that he has been using it for some time to make money.

Ok, what kind of friend is he? Alex know this and kept it as a secret from his BEST FRIEND! So if Justin had not asked him, Alex would still be keeping it as a secret from him?

If I would find something like that, I would have told my family and friends about it, especially my BEST FRIEND!

But anyway, he wanted to share this, as he says, a gift from God to more people who need help. And because he did share it, there are already 7,350 online success stories.

Wait a minute! Didn’t he say before there are already 85,000 people using this method? What happened to other 77,650? They are not successful?

How Does Bulletproof Profit Works

The bulletproof Profit system is based on Amazon FBA and affiliate program. In fact, you should be getting full training on how to make money with it. However, the truth is you won’t be taught about the secret loophole and how to exploit it. In fact, you can get more information about Amazon FBA from this video than from Bulletproof Protif system.

If you do decide to sign up for this system, you will get access to a few short minute videos and a PDF file. And they call it a course?

And if you think there could be something of worth there, let me tell you that there is nothing you can use there to start making the amount of money that Justin promises. The videos are old and content from a PDF file is general information which you could find for free with a quick search on Google.

Inside members are several courses available. Let’s analyze them.

  1. Level One Course – general and outdated overview of how to make money with Amazon FBA.
  2. Level Two Course – benefits of using paid ads and social media marketing. Just to be clear here: paid ads can be very profitable, but only if you have the right strategy and quality product to promote. Even then it is a high-risk strategy because costs can easily go out of control if you don’t know what you are doing.
  3. Bonus Strategies – this section covers how to find items on sale or auction and sell them on Amazon for a higher price. Again, you can easily Google this.
  4. 10K Affiliate Plan – two PDF files on how to make money with affiliate marketing on Amazon. Informations are basic, with no informations “from the field” or practical step by step method.
  5. Wealthy Hypnosis – a section that contains positive mindset videos about improving sleep and meditation to build wealth. Nothing special here also.

The Owner

Justin Tyler

The alleged owner of the Bulletproof Profit System is a guy Justin Tyler. I have tried to search for him but couldn’t find any information regarding him. He is only associated with the Bulletproof Profit System.

So I went to dig further. What I came across did not shock me. The picture that Justin Tyler use is a picture that anyone can buy from Shutterstock. You can check it out for yourself at this link.Justin Tyler


All the testimonials you see on this site was fake. They are actors who have been paid to read the script and make it as real as possible, or the images have been bought from popular sites. Bellow, you can see the proofs.

The first proof is the so-called live social proofs from Facebook, and you can see a “person” named Liz Harper is sharing her story. But Liz Harper is bought pictures from the Shutterstock, a popular site where you can buy images.

fake testimonials of Bulletproof Profit System

Next proof is of an actor who appears in a video with her story how Bulletproof Profit System helped her make money. And as I said, I found her profile as an actor at Fiverr. Her profile name is corimichele23.Bulletproof Profit System

The Price

Even though the price of this system is only $9, you can almost smell there is something wrong here. Programs like this always lure you with a low starting price just to smack you with upsells once you are in the member’s area. Bulletproof Profit System is no different at that point. There are two upsells:

  1. Bulletproof Profit Turbo ($197) – more “secrets” revealed on Amazon secret online goldmine. This should yield to x10 more money for you at autopilot.
  2. Bulletproof Paydays ($145) – another money squeeze from our budget with additional x10 more income, and you are guessing, also at autopilot.

Red Flags

There are some standard red flags on this site. I have mentioned some, but here is the review of them once more:

  • Fake owner – Alleged owner has bought his picture from a well-known webpage that is specialized in selling stock pictures. It is never a good sign when the owner hides his identity.
  • Unrealistic income expectation – It is highly unlikely you will be making $2,000 per day using this software.
  • False scarcity – No, there are not limited spots available and no, this offer will not be closed down the next day. They do this to make you think you don’t have enough time and to jump in fast, not thinking it through.
  • Paid actors – All the people appearing at the video are paid actors, hired to tell the story.
  • Fake live social proofs – Social proofs that are shown on their page should have convinced us to believe the actual people are using this software. However, those are made up names and people with also paid images as their profiles.
  • Upsells – Even though the initial price is $9, you will be offered two upsells at the price of $343.
  • Low-quality training material – Most of the stuff offered at Bulletproof Profit System can be found for free online. Plus, some of the information there is outdated.

Conclusion And My Final Verdict

Is Bulletproof Profit System a scam? Since you are getting some sort of the product, I can’t say it is a scam. Besides, you have a money back guarantee. Although I don’t see any reason why someone would even want to give any money for this.

Would I recommend Bulletproof Profit System as a legit way to make money? No. There are far better ways to learn how to make money online than this system will teach you. One of the best ways to learn that is the course I am using also. You can read my step by step guide on how to make money online.

If you have any questions about Bulletproof Profit System or would like to request a review, feel free to write a comment and I will be happy to reply to you!

Until the next time, I wish you all the best!


6 thoughts on “Bulletproof Profit System – Secret Goldmine”

  1. You didn’t say that this system is a scam but a program that lays false income claims, doesn’t have a real transparent owner and isn’t plain with the amount they take, that’s very much what scams is for me. Bulletproof profit has no profit according to what I’ve heard and it’s really a waste of time. The products given are not sufficient for one to make money from. This is an honest review and I like how you have explained every part of the platform.

    • Hey Henderson,
      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, they have a lots of false claims and are definitely misleading customers, but since you are getting something for your money, it feels wrong to call it a scam. At least to me.

      I approach each review individually and looking at what they offer and how they offer it. But still, you are right when it comes to how they present their product. People that do buy it will eventually be left disappointed, and that is why I am making reviews like this: to help people see the product from another angle.


  2. The only thing I loved in the entire episode is the catchy name- Bulletproof profits

    I could guess it is a huge scam from the beginning.

    I like your research on the legitimacy of the photo.

    You get lured by $9.00 to start and $2000/ day. Why everyone on earth is not in his shop?

    Emotional blackmailing with his wife’s cancer? That is outright false.

    I truly thank you for bringing this out exposing the scam system with driving deep into this system and proving it to everyone. 

    • Hello Anusuya,
      Thank you for your reply. I am glad you like my review.

      It is amazing what some people are willing to write and which stories to made up just to attract visitors.

  3. Hello there. Regarding the question if it is a scam or not, I would have to say it fits the criteria. As for being a scam by definition, it does seem like that at first but even more when you consider how they downright LIE to customers. Also, with a name like Bulletproof, it is intended to be a scam. Nothing is bulletproof. NOTHING! If it was, everybody would be using it. Thank you for being honest with your audience as it builds trust from people like myself who really want to make a living online.

    • Hello David,
      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, there is nothing bulletproof is this product. Many red flags, same as in many similar offers. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone, but you do get the product for your money. The problem is, the product does not meet what they promote. That is why I can’t call it a pure scam. They do provide some materials, but unfortunately, that is not enough for what they say.



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