Why do People Fall for Get Rich Quick Schemes

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The Answer to that question is actually pretty simple: we all have a dream of getting rich! Having financial freedom should be available to everyone. But, we live in a world lead by greedy people and people that won’t stop at anything to stumble over you and get rich your back.

Why do People Fall for Get Rich Quick Schemes

Instead of teaching us to make money, a lot of them are looking for a way to separate us from our money, and we fall into a rabbit hole and thus we get lost easily.

Because of that, we often seek shortcuts for achieving our dreams, but in reality, there are no shortcuts. Once you decide to take any shortcut, the only thing that will be going fast is your money to someone else pocket.

Let me point out some of the things that these schemes contain so you could notice it and stay away from them.

Unreal Promises

It all starts with a promise; something that sounds so good that in any other situation you wouldn’t believe it, but now, it sparks your curiosity. And that is exactly their purpose. In most cases, these claims are not true, but they are still showing you the best possible scenario that you could be having.

The aim for these promises is to keep you occupied, to hold to your attention and assure you that their product will give you the advantage above everyone else and that you will conquer the world with it!

Their product is the hottest “new thing” you don’t want to miss out! Usually, you will get a message or call to action to react right away or you will lose your chance that comes once in a lifetime.

But if you take a step back and look at it without letting your emotions to interfere, you will realize to whom they really targeting at: to the people that don’t want to work and want to get rich without moving their finger.

Think about it: why would someone want to avoid work that could help him to create a stable online business if they aren’t lazy? These people will never get anywhere far and will only lose money instead of getting it.

Don’t fall for good old “too good to be true” promises.

Get Rich Slowly

Any business worth doing will need to be built. And as an old saying says: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. So will not your business.

In order for you to be successful, you need to offer something to your customers, whether it be product or service. Scammers work the opposite way: either their product is of false or no value at all, or they try to teach you the “art of taking shortcuts” by teaching you the same method they are using.

Because of the so many people that are using the internet, it is easy to set up an online business, and get visitors. But you have to provide good value to your customers.

For you to become independent in a financial way, you need an income that will generate steady flow to your bank account. But, it will take time to achieve that.

While you should be using your time investing in your business to generate income, scammers and schemers are using you as one of their income streams.

Types Of Scams

The difficult part of avoiding these scams is that they have gotten good in hiding the fact that they are scams. There are no neon signs pointing out to you: “Hey, we want your money.” They can be disguised as courses, business opportunities, or even a PDF files that will tell you the “secrets”.

A legitimate course will give you true value upfront. You should get free value from someone before deciding to invest in them.

Scams won’t always be immediately noticed, but one good way how to smell a scam when you see it is with one full page of with testimonials and excessive statements.

Why do People Fall for Get Rich Quick Schemes

It is ok to be skeptical! Use it to your advantage. Get to know what they are trying to offer you before you give them your hard earned money! Do that and you will be able to avoid the most obvious scams:

  • Get rich quick
  • Easy no work method required
  • Make money on autopilot
  • This one trick will make you millions
  • Earn $100 your first hour/day

The Good Ones

Now that you have the basic knowledge of what to avoid, let me point out that there ARE good people out there creating legitimate help for those who wish to learn and be successful. These courses and information tools should be from someone that you trust and has demonstrated that they have a value to give you.

The scammers are always pointing out their numbers and success stories (falls ones) while keeping their work in secret. Good teachers, on the other hand, will teach you the basics, and for advanced learning, you will then be given a choice to take a course or pay a monthly fee, whatever it may be.

The point is that you will see a value which you can then decide do you want to invest in and is it worthed your time. The more you are spending time learning from those that are giving you true value, the more you should be getting.

It is perfectly acceptable to pay a creator for good information that adds value to your life and may help you reach your goals.

The scammers will almost always be pointing out that they are the only source you need to learn everything about making money. This is so wrong and you know it!

Don’t Fall on The Scheme

The pressures of life force us to do dumb things sometimes. I get it, and I understand. But just because you are looking for money doesn’t mean someone has the right to scam you, correct?Why do People Fall for Get Rich Quick Schemes

Another thing that the scammers do when trying to get to your money is using the cost of their “product” as an investment in your future. You should be able to scrap $399 from somewhere because it will pay itself back almost immediately.

And once you give them that money, you won’t see it anymore, ever. They will try to lure you with these tactics:

  • Popularity – Look how many people we’ve helped to become rich! You can be one of them
  • Limited time – You only have by the end of today to make a decision, or your spot will be taken by someone else. There are already 20 people waiting in line behind you, and we only have room for two more.
  • Price – Regular price is $1500, but just today, and just for you, you will get it for only $399.
  • Authority – Our buddy John Doe approves of this course and recommends it!

You have seen these before. I know I have. So make sure you know what to avoid!


We all struggle or we will, at some point in our lives. And it is at that point that we seek ways to change our life for the better. Then, where we run into the blood-sucking vampires called scammers and schemers.

They lurk in the dark, in the corners, behind the well-hidden lie and just waiting to grab your wallet. Before you pull your credit card out, be very cautious about their claims and promises.

Question every little bit of their statements and look for real value in the content that they claim they provide. Can you honestly and with certainty say that they are going to give you enough value, proper learning and teach you a valuable skill? If you answer no, then it is time to move on.

Your good life won’t be handed to you on a silver platter. Your business can’t be established with shortcuts. These shortcuts are exactly scams that we are trying to avoid!

You should be looking for a way to enrich yourself through a method that has been proven to work. Which one would that be? Create a business, create content, do what you are good at and love to do.

If you want to know how other people are doing it, how I am doing it and how you could be doing it, check out my Free Step By Step Earn Money Online Guide

I hope you have learned something new today. Write down in the comment have you ever been scammed before? Did you encounter something similar? Do you have something you want me to write about?

If you find this useful, why not share it on social media and with your friends? If you have any questions, please contact me at dalibor@scamdebunk.com and I will be more than happy to help you!


6 thoughts on “Why do People Fall for Get Rich Quick Schemes”

  1. Hi Dalibor. First of all, I like your post because you have shown Your honest insights to the people whom are eager to make money online fast.

    Actually I’ve had a lot of experiences with these ruthless guys and I was about to fall in their dark whole. But luckily I could being more careful to avoid being scammed.  You are absolutely right; Scammers usually provide hot offers and opportunities to innocent people via pretending that they are savvy enough to make everything possible for people in order to earn money as quick as drinking cold water in a short-cut way. that’s really ridiculous and funny claim.

    My question from your recommendation in regard of reliable program or platform is that,Are you 100% sure about your best offer in your post? I would be much appreciated and glad to get Your respond back. Thanks

    • Hello Shiran,
      Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate your honest opinion.

      Unfortunately, scammers are very smart and they can think of amazing ways to trick people into giving them money. Not only giving them, but I know a few examples where people actually ask them to pay for the product. That is how slick they are.

      And to answer your question: Yes! I am 100% sure this is by far THE best option I come across. My entire website is created thanks to Wealthy Affiliate platform and everything on it was done from their training. If you can find anywhere anything better, please do write to me. I would be very interested to try it.

      If I can help you with anything else, feel free to ask. I will be happy to help you.

      Best wishes,

  2. While reading your blog post, it was like I am being toured back to where I came from. 

    About 2 months ago, I threw in the towel for network marketing after being one of the industry’s strongest advocates online. I did blog for network marketing for years, dreaming and defending the industry. I did that because I think it is the way to the riches, so as to speak. But then, I finally realized it’s not and it’s actually preventing me from realizing my dream of financial freedom as the monthly personal spending required to earn commissions is taking its toll on me. 

    Today, I’m now a full-time marketer with affiliate marketing and I can say this is the better industry. I can say this because, aside from a certain amount of money spent on hosting, joining affiliate programs does not require money. That saves me a lot of money, I should have done this before. I should not have fell for scams and get rich quick schemes.

    With you blogging about scams, what are your thoughts on network marketing? I know they’re not scams but they’re bordering near scams.

    • Hello Gomer,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Network marketing (also known as multi-level marketing) is a marketing strategy where a person is selling a product or a service. Income is generated through your own personal sale and from a percentage of his group sales.

      Often MLM is confused with a pyramid scheme, but not every MLM is a scam. Yes, some of them are, but if you pay close attention, you can spot a difference between legit ones and those that aren’t. I wrote a post which explains the difference between multi-level marketing and a pyramid scheme.

      But as you said, affiliate marketing is a good direction to go if you plan to develop something serious and meaningful. One particular platform I would suggest to take a look is a Wealthy Affiliate. It is a platform that teaches people how to be successful in the online world and how to build your business. You can also read my review about Wealthy Affiliate.

      If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will be happy to help.


  3. It takes someone who has been there, to really understand how these scammers work.

    As a desperate person in need of a financial breakthrough, you will definitely be blown away when a product promises you thousands, with little investment and absolutely no work needed.

    Because you are not aware there is anything like a scam, it’s so easy to get carried away by your own needs and fall head log into the hands if these awful people.

    Considering that some people have no idea how the internet works, it will be so easy to deceive them and get from them the little they have before they even know what hit them.

    I must say I was just fortunate not to fall, victim, not because I didn’t believe their false promises, but more because I didn’t have the kind of money they would want me to invest at the time.

    I tried to stick with products that offered something free in the beginning, and that is how I stumbled upon WA, a platform that finally opened my eyes to what these scammers are all about.

    And now knowing what I know, it feels weird that people are falling for scams but looking back, I know I probably would have fallen for one because I was totally ignorant of the existence of such scam.

    So I believe that ignorance is what these scammers take advantage of.

    Sometimes I just wonder how they get to sleep at night knowing they are taking advantage of people who are already in a very bad situation.

    Hopefully, articles like this will reach a vast majority in this ignorant stage and help them avoid such scams.


    • Hello Queen,

      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your honest opinion.

      I totally agree with you that people tend to get blind when they are in desperate need of money. And then sometimes even the obvious scams may look tempting. But there is just no easy and honest way to get rich fast. Unless you win a lottery, but that is a different story lol.

      Building a successful business takes time and effort. But it is doable. I am glad you mentioned Wealthy Affiliate because I honestly think this is a great opportunity to make money in the long run and really make a stable income. And once it is settled, you can literally be making money on auto-pilot.

      Anyway, thanks again for stopping by and commenting. Wishing you all the best in your success.



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