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Today I will give you my most honest review for SA TOP OPTION. What I will be focusing here is some details that seem critical, yet can be easily overlooked. So, let us begin.

Overview And Rankingsa-top-option-scam-1

  • Owner: Smart24 Investment Group
  • Website URL: www.satopoption
  • Created: 2019
  • Training: Yes
  • Price: R5000 ($345)
  • Overall rating: 0/10

Little History About

SA TOP OPTION state they are Online Wholesale Company that looks for the best selling products and locates cheapest suppliers and then through advertising platforms (they say they use receiving customers and selling products and getting millions of orders per day.

Their audience is from 26 countries, delivering goods from 10 to 30 days policy. Products they sell are paid by their customers through and are shipped from supplier to customer.


How It Works

Their main page says they are online distribution business and promising you will get 200 orders to process monthly. Their main focus is:

  • R875,000 Per Month Processing Diesel Orders
  • R500,000 Per Month Processing Natural Gas Orders
  • R500,000 Per Month Processing Crude Oil Orders
  • R500,000 Per Month Processing Toilet Paper Orders
  • R250,000 Per Month Processing Urea Fertilizer Orders

According to that, you could earn even up to R2,500,000 per month, which is about $172,425. Apparently, it is all automated, or in other words, they take care of advertising, the pricing, profits, locating the best global suppliers and everything else.


You only need to process the orders that are coming in through their system at their Online Distributors from Online Warehouse on

All that work can be processed in 2 hours, as they claim. So you could be doing about 60 hours per month and get 172 thousand dollars.

I don’t know, but that is a lot of money for just processing orders. Somehow seems not real, doesn’t it?



Owner of this site is Smart24 Investment Group and they are only mentioned in the registration and payment form. There isn’t any other name mention.

I tried to Google them, and search results with only one relevant results. But it reveals a very interesting thing.

sa-top-option-scam-4 have same company owner as And a quick look at can tell they are exactly same sites!

Ok, they not mentioning numbers, but site layout and business profile for trading diesel, biodiesel gas, and toilet paper are the clearly same pattern.


Looks familiar? Here they are offering even more: 500 clients per month! And with more clients comes a higher registration fee. Logically. But wait! There is more!

Their “contact us” page is inviting you to pay $1500 to become a member and send email to Let’s try looking for


Here, however, they do mention numbers, just like in, but instead of ZAR, value now is in dollars! Again, the same business plan. The difference is they ask for “only” $250 for registration.

Why are they having three different sites, three different prices and all in the same business plan I don’t know. What I do know is it doesn’t look honest.

Personally, I wouldn’t believe someone who is trying to hide his real company name and have several different sites to promote the same business. Just think about it: why would you need three different places to promote your business in the same way?



They promise to give easy step-by-step training manual guide that will help you understand exactly how you will be receiving the 200 Orders which will be sent to your Account Control Panel, and how you will be processing the 200 Orders and how you will be also doing follow-ups on customers orders on the system and how to deal with any delayed orders.

They also have fully trained staff members who will offer support and assistance when you require it at any time.

I was unable to inspect any of that, because, in order to get access to all of that, you first need to bay for registration.


One funny thing with their registration page is important noticed which say that registration close at a certain time.


However, when I come back and check tomorrow, the date was changed! Now it wasn’t Friday 22 March anymore, but Saturday 23 March.


Why would they do this? To implant into you a sense of urgency, to make you act right away!



To become their member (on that site), you need to pay R5000 ($345) to their bank account and then send them an email with proof of payment. Then, they will provide you with the username and password within 3 business days. How will they do that stays unclear. I guess via email?

Their payment form looks unprofessional in my

Conclusion And My Final Verdict

I can’t point enough how this is more than clear something is wrong here! Not only they are trying to hide their identity, but they are also doing it in three different places and at the very same way. It doesn’t make any sense.

Besides, when I tried to email them, their contact form is spelled wrong! Instead, they write it (SA TOP OTION). And that is the email you should send proof of your payment at! What serious company could make such a mistake!



Fact that they are changing their date to implant that feeling you will miss if you don’t act right away is low move. All of these are clear signs this is a SCAM to take your money! I don’t trust them, and neither should you!

If you are determined to make money online, let me introduce you to a platform that I love to use. It is free to use (yes, no credit card or money up front for starter members) and have great training videos that will guide you step by step toward making money online.

You can learn about it here.

If you have any questions about SA TOP OPTION or would like to request a review, feel free to write a comment and I will be happy to reply to you!

Until the next time, I wish you all the best!


16 thoughts on “SA TOP OPTION – Scam Or Not”

  1. Hi I fell for this satopoptions thing and a month later I’m still waiting for my username and password. R5000 payed and not a single cent made.

    • Hello Roger,
      I am so sorry to hear that. Can you talk with your bank explaining them the situation and see if they can do something about it?

      I wish you all the best and hoping it will end up good for you!


  2. Hello,I fell for this sa top option and paid R950 as they mentioned in a registration form on the 15th.
    I noticed that the closing data is changing each day and I did not receive my username and the list of orders to process.

    • Hello Bonisile,
      I am so sorry to hear that happened to you. Unfortunately, scammers trying lots of different ways to get money out of people.

      I really hope you will somehow get your money back.


  3. I was also interested in that business but what wories me is that its been a long time this was advertised but till now i haven’t seen any of their depo that is operating

    • Hello Lindelihle,
      Thank you for your message.

      As you noticed, this also doesn’t look convenient. One more thing to look out for when you plan to invest your money into something.

      Thank you for your information! If there is anything I can help you with, feel free to ask.


    • Hello Lebohang.

      So sorry to hear that. Did you try to ask for a refund? Maybe talk with your bank what options do you have?

      If you need anything, I would be glad to help.


  4. Hi, I also paid R2500 to Sa Top Option via PayPal on 2019-03-01 and I received my receipt of payment from Smart24 Investment on 2019-03-08 via PayPal and forwarded proof of payment to as was informed and waited for a response. I did not hear anything from them.
    When I queried my transaction with PayPal I was informed my account with PayPal will be canceled because I’m a risk. The PayPal resolution Centre said they escalated my queries to Smart24 Investment and I will get my answer on 2019-03-28.
    On the day promised for my answer Sa Top Option emailed me the link that I have the online distribution store and they will send me the activity of my store on 2019-04-30. I’m still waiting. I don’t know if must I say I was scammed.

    • Hello Sellina,
      I am very sorry to hear you got scammed. Nobody deserves to be cheated like that. And to hear you have additional problems with PayPal is just awful!

      Unfortunately, I don’t think you will be getting any further than you are now in the matter of SA Top Option. They are scamming people and that is the harsh truth. Such scams are the reason I have created this website and dedicated myself to revealing them.

      And not just to reveal scammers, but also to tell people how to really make money online. You see, I have been doing it and so are many others! You can read about it on my Road To Success page. If you have any other questions about anything, please let me know and I will give my best to help you.

      Best wishes,

    • Hello Lebohang,
      Sorry to hear you lost your money. As for the refund, I found a good agency that can take care of it and do the job for you. Please read my article and see how can you request a chargeback.

      And if you are interested in learning how to make money online without being scammed, I suggest you take a look at my Free Step By Step Earn Money Online Guide.

      Feel free to message me if you need anything else at all.

      Best wishes,


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