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CT Passive – Opportunity or Scam?

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Welcome dear reader and thank you for putting time to inform yourself about CT Passive. In this review you will find all the necessary information about CT Passive and find out is this business for you or just another attempt of scam.

Overview And Ranking

  • Name: CT Passive
  • Owner: Jarrod Layton
  • Website URL: ctpassive.com
  • Created: December 2019.
  • Price: Minimum $5
  • Recommendation: Too early to tell

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What Is CT Passive

CT Passive is, what it seems to be an investing company. The home page or FAQ doesn’t provide enough information about the company or how it operates, in what way.

They represent themself as a very simple program where you just have to add funds and then purchase $5 packages. This will allow you to receive daily cash rewards.

Funds are added with Bitcoin (so you can’t file a chargeback), or with Visa and Mastercard if you contact support, in which case the minimum package is $12 plus charges that may apply.

Daily profit is divided into two separate wallets:

  1. Cash Wallet
  2. Repurchase Wallet

The difference between those two should be obvious. Cash wallet is the one from which you should be able to withdraw your funds. Or, you can choose to purchase something with it.

The repurchase wallet is used for compounding daily rewards, which means those funds are reinvested back. The repurchase wallet is allowing a 1.5% guarantee of daily rewards.

Why Two Wallets?

It is a clever way designed to make customers spend more. In that way, the customer can’t maximize their profit since only half of the invested money is returned.

What about the other half? Well, you can use it to buy new packages. My only concern is: if the system works, why keeping half of the money to invest it further?

If the system works, the customer will want to reinvest money back again. In a way, CT Passive is forcing members to keep spending. This is a clever way to keep current members active and make them invest back so they could get back what they originally invested.

How Does It Work

Although CT Passive membership is free, as mentioned before, you have to buy a $5 package in order to start making money. Alongside with bundle that you purchase, ad credits are also included which can be used to display advertising to other CT Passive affiliates.CT Passive investment

It is unclear how and where funds are invested and how are they used. “Our traders” and “partner programs” are not clear enough guidance.

CT Passive has no product or service to advertise, which leaves you with only advertise CT Passive affiliate network as it is.

CT Passive members are required to invest $5 with the promise of 1.5% ROI daily. Returns are paid out for 100 days, which leads to a total of 150% per $5 invested.

Note that 50% of returns MUST be reinvested. Keep that in mind when doing ROI calculation.

Payments to CT Passive are made with Bitcoins with credit card option only available if you contact support and open a ticket.

The Owner

Jarrod Layton is the owner and the CEO of the CT Passive. He is a real person with an active Facebook profile. CT Passive is also part of the CT Network which is an Australian Proprietary Company.

However, I was unable to find any additional information about the company since it is relatively newly established.

Jarrod Layton has not been associated with any previous shady scheme (as known so far).


The pack that is advertised to start is the $5 package. That one gives you benefits like:

  • 50 traffic exchange website credits
  • Access to the library of eBooks and videos
  • 1.5% daily cash reward
  • 5 level referral commission

Conclusion And My Final Verdict

There are too much of question marks with CT Passive that is raising red flags:

  • The promise of guaranteed success – There is no such thing as guaranteed success. No one can promise that you will make money. In an online world, when someone boldly claims guaranteed success, it usually means it is a fraud.
  • Income – Mainly focus is referrals with five levels of commission. When there is no clear product or service at present, it is considered a pyramid scheme.
  • Unclear investment plan – how are they handling money? Where do they invest it? With whom? CT Passive does not provide an answer to those questions.
  • Payment option – Why is there an only option to pay with BTC and for the credit card you need to contact support? Unnecessary complication if someone decides to join.
  • Young business – With only a few months online (14/12/2019), it is hard to make an impact in the online world. Not to mention building trust.

The idea, as I see it, behind CT Passive has been used for hundreds of times, and sadly, it is the most common and used scheme online: building a system that should distribute internal revenue toward members that join among the first ones.

As long as new blood is coming, payment will keep rolling. As soon as members stop joining, the system will collapse. It has been proven many, many times. We can only wait and see will CT Passive falls in that category.

If you are determined to make money online, let me introduce you to a platform that I love to use. It is free to use (yes, no credit card or money upfront for starter members) and have great training videos that will guide you step by step toward making money online.

You can learn about it here.

If you have any questions about CT Passive or you would like to request a review, feel free to write a comment and I will be happy to reply to you!

Until the next time, I wish you all the best!


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