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TRONex, scam or legit?

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Today I will give you my most honest review for TRONex, and we will find out is it scam or legit. First of all, congratulation on taking the time to find more about Tronex before jumping into it.

Overview And Ranking

  • Name: TRONex
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Website URL: and
  • Created: 11/07/2020
  • Price: 100 TRX minimum

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What Is TRONexWhat is Tronex

TRONex is a smart contract blockchain decentralized and anonymous platform that claims to provide secure income based on TRX smart contract.

A smart contract is a protocol which automatically executes or control events and actions based on the contract agreement.

The purpose or objective of a smart contract is to reduce the need for intermediates and avoid potential malicious and accidental exceptions.

The code of the smart contract is public so any possibility of cheating is excluded. But that only implies for cheating as someone would want to hack it or “injection” his code into it.

The website was created on 11th July 2020, which makes it fairly new with not really much credibility.

To start using TRONex is not complicated. You need to make a deposit with a TronMask browser extension or TronWallet mobile application.

But to get TRX coins, you first need to convert them from an exchange. Obviously, you would need an account there also and deposit money to convert it to TRX.

When you want to withdraw your funds, you should get them on the same wallet at which you deposit, meaning on the TronMask or TronWallet.

The Owner And The Companyownership

The owners of the TRONex are anonymous. They are unknown. Although they have a certificate of incorporation and registered company, it doesn’t say who is the owner! This is a very big alert to look out for.

On their main page, the company address is 5 Fleet Place, London, England, EC4M 7RD.

But the registered office address is 10 Creek Road, London, England, SE8 3BN.

Clearly, those aren’t the same and already there can be seen something strange is behind the scenes.

Further investigation shows that the 5 Fleet Place address belongs to the Charles Russell Speechly, which is a law firm.

charles russell Llp

The second address, 10 Creek Road. And there can nowhere be seen any TRONex sign or any indications that they work from that location.
10 Creek road

Investment Conditions And CostInvestment

To start working with TRONex, you need to deposit a minimum of 100 TRX, which is about $2.6 at the moment of writing. There is no maximum limit deposit.

You can get profit based on:

  1. Basic profit
  2. Hold bonus
  3. General balance bonus
  4. Referral program


1% per day which is 0.0416% hourly. So each day you get 1% of your deposit which is calculated into your balance.


0.1% for every 24 hours to your deposit. If you don’t request a withdrawal, each day you will get an additional bonus. 0.1% after 24 hours, 0.2% after 48 hours, 0.3% after 72 hours. They are not clear what is the maximum cap for this. As it seems, it can go indefinitely.


0.1% for every 1000000 TRX on the platform. Once the overall deposit balance reaches 1 million, everyone should get +0.1%. The more money is invested, the more profit everyone receives.


There are three levels of affiliate rewards: 5%, 2%, and 0.5% This mean you get 5% from the deposits your direct referrals make, 2% from their referrals, and 0.5% from the “third level”.

It looks something like this:

referral program

Conclusion And My Final Verdict

Based on what I know, let’s conclude this review:

  • Unknown owner – All scams start with the owners not being transparent and are hiding their identity. Just think for a second: why would someone hide if their intentions are honest?
  • Misleading location – two different address on their website and registered company. Which one is real? If any of them?
  • Profit – The pyramid scheme heavily suggests that the only way to make any money out of it is to bring people in who will invest money. Although it is NOT the only way, I can’t shake the feeling that once the people start requesting withdrawals, everything will collapse.
  • FCA – Because they are offering a passive return, they should be under the FCA regulative, but they aren’t, which means there is no legal authority over the same passive return.
  • New website – With just a few months behind its back, TRONex is still far too new to be called legit. Even if there will be any payouts, it could be only for the top layer of those who got in first.

With everything wrapped up and concluded, I am sure you can make a rational decision.

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If you have any questions about TRONex or you would like to request a review, feel free to write a comment and I will be happy to reply to you!

Until the next time, I wish you all the best!


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