Click2Sell review

Click2Sell Review

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Marketing is a crucial part of growing your business. A lot of people are overseeing this aspect or are perhaps afraid to use to due to potential cost that could lead to draining funds.

Click2Sell platform is offering its members the opportunity to run your own advertising campaign effectively. But how does it work and what are the risks involved? I will answer these questions in my Click2Sell review.


  • Name: Click2Sell
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Website URL:
  • Price: $250 to $25,000
  • Recommendation: No

What Is Click2Sell

About Click2Sell

Let me start with the statement that I am not promoting Click2Sell. This my personal view of this company and I am offering my opinion about their system, how they work, and what they offer.

Click2Sell is a banner advertising platform where you can buy an online banner ad campaign or create your own. You buy the ad banners and own them for some time, during which you get paid whenever someone clicks on it and makes a purchase. So you gain profit through clicks on the banner and through affiliate links that you put inside of your ads.

Visitors are led to believe that it’s just enough to sign up, create a banner, and generate money. However, it is not that simple.

Click2Sell dashboard

Click2Sell is providing you with the ability to create, lunch, and manage advertising campaign from their site. And to be honest, that is nothing new.

But the fact that they also provide “all-in-one” or “all-done-for-you” packages could be interesting. Not to mention they provide impression for those ads.

But here lays the issue: YOU need to attract the attention of your readers and get them to click on those ads to convert to a sale. This platform is a self-service, and you are in control of where you wish to display the ads.

While we talk about what are you in control of in Click2Sell, let me mention that while at other platforms, the banners are mostly re-defined, here you can choose from several different banners and place them where you want on your site.

I would say this is important if you want to personalize your ads, since not every ad will fit perfectly to your page, and perhaps you want the style to be different, or the font or you want to write something else. This is up to you to decide and make it as personal as you wish.

You can, apparently, participate in this online advertising platform without any prior experience of technical knowledge. This is extremely risky, and any form of advertising comes with a risk because of the upfront investment, potentially lose and no insurance of your capital.

My advice is to invest some time in learning how marketing works, what are potential problems that you can encounter, and how much of profit could you expect if you decide to venture in these waters.

How It Works

In the world of online advertising, business (small or large companies), as well as common folks like you and me, can run ad campaigns for our own products or affiliate links. And when readers buy the product directly through the affiliate link, that is how money is made from advertising.

In Click2Sell, there are two options for earning money:

  1. PPC (pay per click) – the member receives 85% of the revenue generated by each click resulting from the member+s campaign
  2. PPA (pay per acquisition) – the member receives 85% of the commission paid for the acquisition (or sale) generated by the member’s campaign.

What it means is that for every $1 you make, they will take $0.15 as their cut. They receive a commission of any profit as expected. You didn’t expect they would do it for free?

Once you register on their platform, you can start creating your campaign. The process is not complicated:

  • Choose a name for your campaign
  • Select a category
  • Set a budget based on the amount of impression you wish to receive

Campaign creation

But it is this exact simplicity that can raise suspicion. Who is to guarantee that you will get those impressions that you pay for? It can easily be manipulated.

While you can easily track the clicks on your banner, you can’t follow impressions. And since you pay for impressions, people don’t have to click on your ad. They just need to see it.

Whenever a web visitor is presented with one of your ads, that single ‘view’ is counted as an impression. An impression simply measures the number of times individuals have been exposed to your ad. It doesn’t tell you anything about how they responded to the ad, or how they acted after seeing it.

So if you spend your money and end up with zero clicks and zero sales, I don’t think you will care much about impressions. When people rush into online advertising, most of the times they get frustrated because of the failed results: either lack of visitors to their offers or how quickly their money disappear from their account with nothing in return.

Whenever you are investing your money into something, always do your research and find out potential problems. If there is a free option to try the product, ask for it.

A perfect example is the Wealthy Affiliate platform in which you get 7 days of free premium membership. You don’t need to provide credit card details or bank account. You just sign up and get this good offer at the start.

The Owner

Unfortunately, I was unable to find out any information about the owner of this company or management. There is only contact for the agents, but nothing regarding the CEO or creator of it. In my opinion, this is extremely bad for reputation and raises a huge red flag to their credibility.

I also want to point there are no testimonials on their site (fake or real), and no flashxy call to action buttons. No pressure to join, no “only 1 free spot left” annoying pop-ups. This, however, does show that they are not baiting for people with false advertising and false scarcity.


Click2Sell membership

There are five different packages to choose from at Click2Sell. While you don’t need to buy any of them (you can just put any amount of money at your account that you want), they are pre-designed, each for different budget and needs.

  1. STARTER ($250) – Ideal for those who wish to take Click2Sell for a test run. In this package you get 20% welcome bonus (meaning you get $300 instead of $250), weekly market review which is commentary about marketing decisions, platform walkthrough as guide to navigate in the click2Sell, online marketing ebook that provides a background about the online advertising industry, and 1 live marketing session in which a Click2Sell agent helps you set up your campaign.
  2. SILVER ($1,000) – Ideal for users who want to spend more. Everything from the STARTER package with 25% welcome bonus.
  3. GOLD ($5,000) – For users who are ready to get serious about their online marketing activity. Everything from the SILVER package with 50% welcome bonus. Instead of live marketing session, you are offered personal account manager who you will be able to contact for 1-on-1 support and a beginner academy session on which you will be able to join the Click2Sell academy and receive in-depth instruction.
  4. PLATINUM ($10,000) – an elite level offering aimed at the user who wants to turn their online marketing efforts into a serious business.  Everything from the GOLD package with 75% welcome bonus, daily instead of a weekly market review, advanced academy session instead of beginner, and limited access to VIP banners in which you will gain access to a set of banners that are reserved exclusively for Platinium account holders
  5. DIAMOND ($25,000) – the ultimate account level, providing professional users with the next level of service and access. 100% welcome bonus, daily market review, platform walkthrough, online marketing ebook, personal account manager, pro academy session, unlimited access to VIP banners, weekly webinars, and expedited withdrawals in which your withdrawals will always move the front of the withdrawal queue, ensuring that you can receive your funds faster than usual.

Pros And Cons


  • Pre-defined packages – If you decide to invest a minimum of $250, you will get benefits.
  • Banner creation – Personalizing your ads is essential if you wish to get out maximum from your campaign.
  • Impression – They offer a set number of impressions which means more people should be able to see your offer.
  • Ads display – You are in control where you want to place the ad at your website.
  • No pressure to join – Many scam offers have this to get the money as fast as possible out of the potential victims. This site doesn’t have it.


  • Price – While $250 will not probably last very long in advertising, other packages cost a hefty amount of money to start with. Personally, that is a too large amount to invest if I don’t have full control over it.
  • Easy to manipulate – There is no way you can control the impression. This part can be manipulated.
  • Owner – Staying transparent is crucial in business. While I can’t tell who is the owner or owners behind this platform, I can’t say I trust them. This is a massive drawback.
  • Payout – There are a lot of negative feedbacks online in which members say they were unable to withdraw their profit, to a point where the agents won’t even answer their calls.

Conclusion And My Final Verdict

Click2Sell platform looks interesting, and if it really works, it could be an excellent step to start with advertising. However, there are a lot of open questions and blanks with which I am not satisfied. Therefore, I would say it would not be a smart move to invest your money IF YOU ARE NEW TO ADVERTISING, or if you don’t know EXACTLY what you are doing.

Yes, you can make money with ads, but you have to know what you are doing, and you have to be sure how to set it up. Besides, there is no point in setting and ads if your site doesn’t generate enough traffic, and your content is not appealing to your readers.

This could only lead to potential loss, frustration, and eventually hate toward any form of online business. Personally, it is much better and wiser to invest your time into a platform that offers you training and guidance to develop your online presence and business.

If you are determined to make money online, let me introduce you to a platform that I love to use. It is free to use (yes, no credit card or money upfront for starter members) and have great training videos that will guide you step by step toward making money online.

You can learn about it here.

If you have any questions about Click2Sell or you would like to request a review, feel free to write a comment, and I will be happy to reply to you!

Until the next time, I wish you all the best!


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