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How To Build A Website For Free In 3 Steps

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In the modern era we are living in, everything is online. It is only natural as there are over 4.3 billion people connected to the internet and over 200 million active websites.

Today anyone can make a website, regardless of the technical knowledge they have. There are a lot of online tools available which will make the process of building a website for free much more comfortable. In this article, I will guide you through the process of building a website step-by-step.

Website Builder

To build a website, you only need to follow 3 steps. It is easier than you think, and most people are surprised how ridiculously easy it is. And if you follow these simple steps, you could be a proud owner of your own website for free!

  1. Choose your domain name
  2. Choose your template
  3. Click the button to build it

And that’s it! You got yourself a website! Pretty cool, right? So, let me show you the exact process. After all, I said I would guide you through it step-by-step.


To get you started, you will need a hosting service. There are a lot of companies that would host your website. Some of them are free; some of them are not. Since we want to build a website for free, I suggest you follow me through this process.

First, what you have to do is see if the domain name is available. You can do it from this link. You will also get a FREE membership at Wealthy Affiliate with it. Don’t worry, it is free, as I said. That is a bonus!

SiteRubix website building platform

Now that you are done with this step, you will found yourself inside Wealthy Affiliate platform. This will be your main starting point, and everything you do for your website will start from here.

With the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate that you get, you have also gained one extra bonus, and that is FREE 7 DAYS PREMIUM MEMBERSHIPBut more on that later. Let’s get back to building our site, shall we?

Moving Along

The next thing is actually to publish your website on the internet. Are you excited already? So, here is what you need to do next

  1. Go to Websites on the left side of your dashboard.
  2. Choose Site Builder.
  3. In what kind of website do you want to build, take the first option, on a free domain.
  4. Write the name of your website that you choose from earlier.
  5. Choose the template.

steps for building a website

This can all be done in under one minute. Nothing complicated here, no coding required. Everything made simple. The biggest time spender at this point will be choosing a theme.

As you can see, there are over 4200 free themes available for you to pick. You will probably be tempted to overcomplicate this part. While there are a lot of themes to choose, I would recommend you choose the one that you like at first. You can change themes later if you want.

And that’s it! See, I told you nothing complicated 🙂 Now, let me talk a bit about the platform that you joined, Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Platform

The excellent platform that enables you to build your website so fast and with such ease is Wealthy Affiliate. It is home for every person that is looking to turn passion into a business.

I already wrote a review on Wealthy Affiliate, and you can check it out here in details. In short, it is a platform that teaches you how to do affiliate marketing. They have been in business for over 14 years! That is impressive, hey!

Some of the exciting things and features of Wealthy Affiliate are:

  • 2 free websites and hosting for them for anyone that joins
  • the easiest and fastest site builder
  • leading technology in server hosting space
  • over 1000 training courses
  • awesome and helpful community
  • outstanding support
  • no upsells
  • a premium membership for as little as $1 per day

Each and every one of those things is reason enough to join this incredible platform! Take it from my personal experience when I say your website can make money! And with Wealthy Affiliate, you can’t go wrong! More than 1,4 million members! Think about it, if this wouldn’t be the REAL THING, would the number be so high?


This guide wouldn’t be complete if I would skip this amazing site builder! With SiteRubix, you can take website building to an entirely new level! With all the technical stuff out of the way, website building has never been more fun and easier! And I as mentioned, SuteRubix is powered by Wealthy Affiliate which provides you with training, support, and tools needed to turn your creation into something truly valuable.

What if you run into a problem? No worries! Inside the Wealthy Affiliate, you have support, coaching, and help needed. Get feedback on your website from experienced entrepreneurs; let your imagination go wild! With SiteRubix and Wealthy Affiliate community, you are never alone!

A responsive website is something that it A MUST these days! 50% of browsing happens from tablets and mobile phones. If you do not have a responsive and mobile-ready website, you are missing out on 50% of potential visitors having a great experience on your site.

SiteRubix got you covered on that aspect also! This is a websites builder that is responsive and adapt to any screen size, so rest assure your audience will be reached from whichever device they are surfing!

We already touched on the themes. There are a lot of them. And over 1000 of them can be upgraded additionally to reflect your business even more and professionally. While SiteRubix takes care of the design for you, you can focus on creating awesome content that has the potential to reach millions of readers!

But to be honest, all of these would not be as valuable if your site would be at risk. Your Site Rubix website is not only protected but kept optimized and functioning behind the scene. This means that your website is protected from hacking, spam, malware, and malicious activity that ALL websites are liable to.

Spend time learning to create content and reaching out to your audience instead of protecting your website from potential attacks. SiteRubix got you covered on that area also.

What more do you need? Don’t wait, start your financial transformation NOW and build your business HOW you want and the WAY you want!

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