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Online shopping is the future for any business that is looking to be competitive in the market, and it has been like that for some time, nothing new about that.

Smatam is one of the online shopping stores that are selling many different products. Read my Smatam review and find out what is hidden behind the curtains.

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Smatam InformationSmatam information

Smatam belongs to a Jinan Caiyuansheng Electronic Commerce Co.Ltd. which is located in the Shandong Province, Jinan city, Lixia district, with the address No. 230 Shanda Road, building 3, 4th floor, room 408.

I couldn’t find any relevant information about the Jinan Caiyuansheng Electronic Commerce and ownership. There is even no record at Dun & Bradstreet, which is a corporation that offers information on commercial credit as well as reports on businesses.

Smatam website was created in December 2020, so it is a very young website.

I manage to find another website associated with Jinan Caiyuansheng Electronic Commerce, more on that later in conclusion.

The Story

With the rise of demand for online shopping, scammers are looking to exploit that situation, same as many others. I have personally fallen into a trap. Luckily, I managed to return my money.

It all started just before New Year when there is a lot of online shopping offers and discounts. One such has caught my eye: A high-tech holographic wrist-strap.

Holographic wrist

Full price $199.99, discount $18.99. That is a bargain, right? I mean, I would be stupid if I don’t grab that deal.

I didn’t even think about how stupid it looks like, and that such a hefty discount is just flashing with a red flag in front of my nose! But, I was blinded by discount and opportunity.

However, in the back of my head, there was a voice telling me I shouldn’t trust blindly. Even so, I was lazy to do any research on the company.

Although it did cross my mind at one point that it could be a scam, I still continue with the purchase. One thing that I did smart was paying with PayPal, and later you will see why.

Smatam Customer Service

I got an email with the tracking number for the shipment after few days with the message that the package is on its way. So I decided to check the tracking.

Smatam has generously put the preferable tracking method, which I used.

Tracking method Smatam

And so I did. I went to that website and put the tracking number. Unfortunately, the number showed no results, same as the several other tracking methods I tried.Smatam tracking

So the next step was to send them an email and ask maybe they gave me the wrong number. No words from them for two weeks, even after I sent a couple of emails. At this point, I knew I was scammed.

Luckily for me, I have made a purchase with PayPal, so I asked them for a refund, give them all documentation of the paid product, no tracking information, and no email answer.

Less than 48 hours after I contact PayPal, a reply from Smatam customer support came (I wonder why) telling me that the logistic shows the package was shipped and delivered.

I was furious and told them to provide proof at which they attached a picture with shipping details. However, there was nowhere to be found any sort of proof that it is my shipment!

The conversation continued for several days, me sending them pictures that show no tracking option, they answer that the product has been sent.

As the time for closure from PayPal has come closer, Smatam suggested returning $7 to my account, which I declined stated I have paid $19 for the product and $10 for shipping and that I won’t be accepting anything but a full refund.

Deviant Plan

PayPal has refunded me the money, for which I am thankful to them. If it weren’t for them, I would have lost it.

To be honest, a package did arrive, but not the one that I paid for but a regular rubber wrist-strap. It was at that moment I figured out what was going on!

You see, if a customer received a product that is different than the one that bought, the customer has the right to a full refund.

HOWEVER, this is where it becomes tricky. In order to be eligible for a refund, the item must be unused and in the same condition received, with the original package. The customer has to send the product back to the seller, AT THEIR OWN COST.

Once the seller received the product and inspect it, they will decide about the refund. And what do you think they will decide when you return a DIFFERENT product from the one you paid for?

My bet is that they would say it is not their product (because you paid for a different one), and you can’t get your money back. And if you want back the product you sent them, you will have to pay for shipment, again.

So the scenario (in my opinion) would look like this:

  1. You pay for product A
  2. You receive product B
  3. You send product B back for a refund
  4. They answer this is a different product
  5. You pay for shipping to get the product B back to you, or
  6. You tell them to keep it and shove it somewhere because you are not going to pay for the shipping of something you haven’t ordered or wanted in the first place.

In total, you lost money, time, and patience.

Jinan Caiyuansheng Electronic Commerce

I mentioned at the beginning that with this company is associated one more website. Of course, the layout of both websites is the same, which raises the question: why would someone want two different websites based on the same principle?

The name of the second website is Praise Elect, which seems to be the first page that Jinan Caiyuansheng Electronic Commerce has made.

Smatam and Praise

As you can see, bot websites are identical and with the same layout, with very little difference in colors. Why legitimate reason is to have two same websites, I really can’ tell.


What I have come to realize, Smatam is shady, at least. The company has created two identical websites just 3 months apart.

Having two same websites other than to cheat is pure nonsense. If the intention is honest, why is there no mention of each other? Why Smatam has not linked on Praise elect and vise versa?

Smatam (and Praise elect in that matter) are, from my experience, companies that scam their clients by sending the low-quality products or completely different ones, if they send at all.

Such schemes are well known in the online shopping world, and I believe Smatam is using that one.

Now, the research is made by myself, I encourage you to make your own research and do your own conclusion.

If you have experience with this or a similar company, please share it with us so that more people can see it and be warned. Also, if you want to request a review, please request it in the comment section below as well.

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Until the next time, I wish you all the best!


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